Venrap digital store is an independent digital music distribution company based in Limpopo.

We distribute  music content  in which is delivered without the use of physical media like CD, by downloading from the internet straight to you phone or drive. The process takes place after sms has been sent with a key word (e.g sms – buy bomo to 37587) An sms is sent back with the link to  click and when you click it the option to save the song will be displayed and you can save it to you phone or drive. This option happens over the internet and the link is valid to one click one download. The link is valid for an hour before it expire if it has not been used.

We have always been  known to empower local artist by giving them air play and mostly focused on the upcoming artist that don’t get chance to be played on the main stream radios. Digital store sell music through sms giving those artist who are not signed but have what it takes to make money out of their music a platform to get paid for their hard work. The store host and distribute the music through sms on behalf of the artist and pays royalties to the artist  after 3 month of sales. Selling music is free as there is no sign up fee or monthly fee.

We sell all kinds of music not just hip-hop. The music is also prompted through  social  networks and other platforms.


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